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June 13, 2008

Creating Your Own Mandalas

"The creative process is about surrender, not control." ~ Julia Cameron
Below is my prescription for making mandalas, or "Mandala Medicine" as I like to call it; the Process is indeed medicine for my soul. It's relaxing...takes me out of my mental meanderings and allows my heart and soul to express.
Ahh... self-expression without boundaries...through spontaneous creativity: marking, drawing, doodling, collaging, painting etc. inside the circle in whatver way you like;,,, setting the intention to release the energy of what we're feeling onto the page and into the circle...letting our energy articulate in images and symbols when words escape us.
In making Mandala Medicine...whatever visual energy we express in the circle...it is what it is...and its relase is one more step closer to emotional, mental liberation...and the door of insight is opened; whether we realize it at the time or not.
The photo above shows what I use in creating my Mandala Medicine. I gravitate to markers. Create yours using whatever medium you're drawn to or what you have on hand. Allowing yourself to express is the main ingredient needed. Let your heart, emotions, frustrations, joys and inights soar! There are countless ways to make mandalas...which Google will attest to...this is one of them.

1.) Draw or trace a circle of any size (a CD or a plate traces nicely...anything round!) and color, doodle, or paint, inside the circle without giving it much thought; whatever shapes, lines objects you are lead to intuitively draw...let it happen. Simply play! ~ Use whatever medium you're drawn to: crayons, markers, glitter glue, glitter/metallic pens, colored pencils, paint, collage, beads, found objects of any kind, you name it! ~ Allow yourself to get into the flow of 'just creating'...moment by moment, intuitively and spontaneously. Have fun! There are no mistakes. A seeming-mistake becomes another doorway to what lies deeper within. - This is spontaneous creativity, nothing planned here! So...begin!
Now, if you've gotten started...that's wonderful, no need to read further; but if you're thinking..."Wait a minute..there's got to be more to it than that"...there isn't...but I can provide a bit more insight and guidance, so...please read on.
2.) As much as possible, surrender to the process vs. straining to create a certain end result. Follow your inklings and urgings in selection of color, medium and whatever forms you create in the circle. This process is for your personal release of emotion, physical feelings, inspiration and creative expression. Creating in the circle informs you of..you! This is a healing process, it's medicine for your soul. So, if you have a difficult time doing this...take a few deep breaths, be patient and set the intention to give yourself permission to express that very energy (resistance, fear, grief, joy, love...whatever you're feeling,..no need to name it) inside the circle...it's a good release. You might even hear yourself exhale with an "Ahhh.."
3.) Remember there are no mistakes. A seeming-unintended mark or blob becomes another message to be revealed. You will know when your mandala is finished; then, make another one, then another! You'll likely discover that the more mandalas you create...the more you release and the better you feel! The sacred circle of the mandala is a safe space for the energy of your emotional body, as well as your physical body to express. For each mandala you create, place them where you can see them; and reflect on them every chance you get. Then make another one...and put it so you can see it too. Repeat!
4.) Remember to keep your heart open so you can hear and feel the message of your mandalas, and the messages of your heart; giving them your attention, they will eventually speak to you in some way. It might be a whisper of a thought, a feeling, a dream...or an idea, so be sure to pay attention to any inklings you receive and follow where the threads leads by journaling, talking about it aloud, or sharing with kindred, like-minded souls (the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Community is a good place to start).
5.) Consider jotting down: how you feel about your mandalas, what feelings came up, how you feel about making them...or just a word or phrase or two, it doesn't have to "make sense; or what you feel when you look at it...and any other insights that come. ~ Notice the colors, shapes, symbols and how they feel to you. ~ Mandalas have also inspired individuals to write poems, affirmations, prayers and short stories, and conversations between themselves and the mandala energy. This is amazing stuff!! And if you're not drawn to write anything down, that's OK too! Mandala Medicine works whether your write what you've created, or not!
6.) Most of all, allow yourself be a vessel for what needs to come through...regardless of what it looks like. All of your creations are clues to the mysterious, beautiful, hidden treasure that is YOU!
Creating mandalas is creative play, and a form of meditation for many. Read how making mandalas has helped others at this link... scroll and read the inspiring "comments" that other bloggers left.
To become part of our online community, meeting others who are passionate about making mandalas (including digital mandalas) consider joining the kindred Mandala Oasis Yahoo Community that I started (click here to join) Share with others from all over the world doing this amazing, healing and revealing...and innately creative work.


Creating a Purposeful Life said...

Dear Cheryl, you can't imagine how delighted I am to find this blogspot, which is almost a year old now! This is exactly what my spirit has been looking for. I've seen loads of mandalas, loads of "templates", and they just didn't speak to me. Your page here doesn't just speak to me, it sings! Thank you so much. Blessings, Maggie Butler www.thecelticmuse.com

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to run across your site this morning...I recently tried my hand at mandalas (after reading Carl Jung!) and produced two that are shown here: http://quotesqueen.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/mandalas/. I got the Susanne F. Fincher book and played with interpreting them. But ever since, I've wanted to do more...so thanks for reminding me--and I will visit your site again!

KnittingJourneyman said...

Thank you for sharing this-I am off now to start creating my own. Thank you for the inspiration-and the liberation from being afraid to try something new...

lilasvb said...

i draw lots of mandals but did not know all the meanings, i start with blog, so i dont have the tools
j ust take some pictures of my work and add it on blog
i 've been drawing lots of mandalas, smal or big since 3 years now

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hi, Cheryl! Your blog is wonderful and I have linked to your blog from my 21Secrets art journaling workshop. Thank you for your inspiring and informative blog, dear, creative sister! Please stop by and say hello anytime :o) Angelia

Chris said...


Thank you for this! I look forward to making some new mandalas this month!