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June 27, 2009

"Holding Space"

Holding Space.
The eye-of-the-storm-vibration...
the keeper of the keys:
to peace...
to compassion...
to a higher call.
A higher vibration.
In all the angst of asking
"What the Bleep...am I doing here!?"
The answer comes, saying:
You are holding space.
You are doing sacred work
by simply being there...
Hold the vigil.
Hold the Space.
Attune wherever you are
to the Higher Octave...
with your
Conscious Presence.
Your sacred-yes* to
Spirit's assignment:
Holding the Space...
the Sacred Vibration...
for the good of all..
is your Work, Cheryl.
Good job.
The term "sacred yes" is from Rev. Michael Beckwith - one of my long-time spiritual teachers.
"Work is love made visible" ~Kahlil Gibran


pattie said...


stacy said...

cheryl, you have beautifully and graciously held sacred space for so many. well done!

Jim said...

absolutely beautiful words and image

jgy said...

Wow, Cheryl. Your words and mandala are beautiful. I love what you wrote.

Delayed thanks for your kind visit too.

Maggie said...

Cheryl, Thank you for sharing such a deep and personal question/prayer...and most especially, thank you for sharing the beautiful, compass-setting response!

La Bajaudière said...

Very nice mandala with wise words!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ah, Cheryl, how well you have expressed the way I feel so many days!

Shelley said...

You cannot even know how inspiring this is for me regarding my own workplace Cheryl...but I will write you and tell you about it!

Caroline said...

Your mandala and the poem are beautiful! Found you blog through CED.

Chris Flynn said...

Good morning Sweet Cheryl! How beautifully written, touching many hearts. The world is truly BLESSED because of YOU HOLDING SPACE!

And I LOVE the "Sacred Yes".... could be a fabulous book title! or workshop title!

You continue to amaze. I love being your friend....
with much love and blessings,
Chris in California

Leah said...

This is so lovely. I love the writing you did here, Cheryl. It really resonated with me!

Beverley Baird said...

Beautiful mandala, beautiful words.
Thanks for sharing them. I need to hold on to them!

creativehealinggoddess said...

Beautiful I Mandala I am going to join the community !I have several mandalas.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Cheryl. I am grateful for you in my world and all that you have done to promote mandala medicine. Come by my blog for a little something I have for you there.