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August 18, 2010

"Reaching Out" ...on Unity.FM - Fri. 8/20!

Mandala: "Reaching Out"

Hello Dear Ones...

On Friday, 8/20 at 1:00PM Central, I have the honor of being featured on http://unity.fm/program/ConsciousContent with my good friend Jun Mhoon, on his show "Conscious Content".  it's the last of three segments. Of course, I'll be talking with Jun about my soul's favorite subject: creativity as conduit to the soul's voice. And I can't talk about that without talking about .. you got it.. Mandalas!! And I can't talk about Mandalas without being in Gratitude for all of you who do this Mandala Dance with me in spirit and  in deed either via blogging or through our kindred Mandala Oasis Yahoo Community. I love you all...and I'm so glad we're sharing this journey together. Come on and join us!  If you miss it.. the show will be in the archives at the above link.  Now...about the above mandala...
. . .
The above mandala speaks to me of "Reaching Out".
By reachng out and allowing ourselves to connect with others...
we are gifted with being Centered and in The Flow of life;
and in that....we're sharing our gifts...
which is what they're for!
Whether we give a smile or kind word ...
or gesture to a so-called stranger;
or a compasionate, patient heart...or
... the spirit of joy and celebration...
or inspiriation and creativity,
when we give... all are blessed
and we bless others.
Often times our Presence and Awareness
is the highest gift we can bring to ourselves
...to others... right where we are
...in this moment.
Please know
that your Reaching Out, matters.
It makes a glorious difference in the world.. . . .
Wondrous blessings and gratitude to you, always...