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July 10, 2008


This 'entangled' energy showed up again; and..that's how I was feeling. Too many thoughts at once going on in my head..even new thoughts creeping in from outside the circle, yikes...make it stop! And...stop it did.
After making this mandala I had a great sense of release...and I was inspired to begin making mandalas from the center, outward..which I've never been moved to do that before. Yes! An inner-shift has occured! This new approach to making mandalas is a metaphor and a map for what I want to ...and must... create in my life...more order and harmony. Interesting...that was the very first mandala of the week 'Harmony & Flow'.
I continue to marvel and appreciate this intuitive creativity that informs me of...me. The mandalas that followed this one were made from the inside, out... from center, to perimeter. Hmm...that's a good way to create the order and harmony I need; from the inside, out...starting at and living from.... the Center.

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