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July 12, 2008

Creatvity Prompt: "Explore a Practice"

Making mandalas is a practice for me... as is: journaling, blogging, SoulCollage® as well as making jewelry. They are all practices that stir up creative bliss and fulfilment in me; especially while I'm listening to instrumental music, scored for the ocassion. Sharing these kinds of ideas with kindred-others is also a practice which is satisfies my soul...and we do a lot of that at the Mandala Oasis Yahoo! Community.

The website, Spirituality & Practice, has an entire section called "Explore a Practice" at their right-hand sidebar. There are lots of subjects that could very well resonate with where you are currently on your journey thorugh life. One of them might even inspire a creating a mandala, or an inner-shift you've been wanting. Recently I realized that more and more, the mandalas I've made have been a - "storyboarding of wisdom" - guiding me to a new awareness... and prompting me to take heed. - I love that about this intuitive creativity that always steers me to where I need be, what I need to do..or not do.

If you do decide to partake of one of the practices, or tell us about an exisiting one...you are invited to share it with us at our very kindred online community, The Mandala Oasis. which you can link to at the top of this site, or at the link within this post.
Abundant blessings to you...

Click here for the Spirituality & Practice website.

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