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July 11, 2008


This series of mandals is dedicated my cyber-pal, Leah, and her Creative Every Day Project which keeps us mindful to be and live from our innate creativity..every day.
This is the fourth mandala created from the center - and this way of creating them does have a centering affect. I feel like it's getting me ready on the inside so I can do what I need to do on the outside. It's like Mandala Yoga, which we talked about this week at the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Community. It's amazing. I feel that by making the mandala in this way it has created an internal shift within me...and I like it. I'll continue to experiment with this method to see the effects it has on me.
And...I was curious about the chrysanthemum history and symbolism. And...what I found out after making this mandala is uncanny! For example..it's the official flower of the city of Chicago...where I reside; and that "chrys" means golden which was its original color...and I made mine golden yellow. This mandala is also a portal to that calm center inside of me...and I will continue meditate on it. What a gift this chrysanthemum mandala is!
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Leah said...

i was just about to comment on what a gorgeous mandala this is and then i saw your dedication. thank you so much! what a sweet surprise!

i've added your new blog to the list of ced participants!

Aurora said...

this is a lovely mandala--thanks for your friendly comments on my blog!

in the '70's, lacking $$$ for any flooring, I painted a mandala in the center of my wooden kitchen floor...it stayed there for many years..