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May 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday - Mandala Oasis!

June 1, 2009 marks the first birthday of the luminoius Mandala Oasis Yahoo Group! In case you don't yet know, the Mandala Oasis online community is one of the most kindred, inspiring, compassionate, supportive and creative groups I've been a part of; and the members have echoed this sentiment from the beginning. The formation of the amazing group is truly a demonstration of the principle "if you build it...they will come."
My desire for kindred community focused in creativity as an expression of spirit, was a Cosmic Gong that I sounded in June '08...they all heard it...and came! This is truly a full circle moment...how apropo! ~ I am thankful for everyone who is a part of this amazing family...be they wallflowers...active participants....or visitors of this blog. It's all of you...all of us... who make the Mandala Oasis...an Oasis of spirit... a truly sacred space.
Beaming grace, gratitude...and a group hug to you all ((((0)))....
~Blissings.... Cheryl


La Bajaudière said...

O this is a real beautiful mandala/zendala! I suppose it is with gold!?
I wish you a happy anniversary, succes and all the best for you and your community!

Nicci said...

Wow, how exciting for the one year anniversary. Congratulations! I am definitely still lurking around and hope to be back someday soon.

Sandra Mosley said...

Aloha Cheryl,
Congratulations on the first anniversary of Mandala Oasis from another lurker. I read all the posts, check out all the mandalas and marvel at the nurturing support given by you and the other regular contributors. Trusting someday soon I'll add my voice. Meanwhile, sending you my gratitude and appreciation for forming such a wonderful mandala community.

Kathy Crabbe said...

Beautiful artwork! Congratulations, I'm interested in joining too!

You bring much beauty into the world.

Kathy C.

Mandala Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to send some new followers your way so there is an award for you on my site. Hope it helps!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

Lois said...

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for all your initiative in starting/maintaining Mandala Oasis community. Beautiful piece, love the vibrant colors. I have also put the groups button on my blog, and I get over my lurking when I can to come see what people are doing. And none of us lurkers could hang around if you weren't giving us a place to lurk! Yeah.

creativehealinggoddess said...

i love your blog I am part of a dreamboard group and my latest entry reminded me of mandalas.

Christina said...

thank you for visiting me and sharing your wonderful list of simple things.
Congrats on your anniversary.
; )

jgy said...

Happy Birthday!


Brenda said...

Congratulations! A Year already!Cheryl, what a wonderful facilitator you are with the Mandala Oasis Community. Your mandalas are colorful, energizing and inspiring. Wishing you great success in beginning Mandala Oasis' second year.

Shayla said...

Cheryl, your mandalas are beautiful. The circle is such a powerful spiritual symbol, like you said of energy. These resonnate and happy anniversary for your mandala community.

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog...and what a wonderful blog you've got. Would be delighted to exchange links with you if you want — on both The Voice of Your Muse and my other blog, Mark David Gerson's New Earth Chronicles.

cheryl said...

Mark.. I would be delighted to exchange links with you!

And..to you and all the beautiful spirits who've left comments - I thank you. I am delighted that we are a part of each other's world..and sharing our creative expressions.
Keep shining!