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February 15, 2009

"Exuberant Purple Passion"

"Exuberant Purple Passion"
transforms purple into shades...
of blue....and green...and gold
...more than the eyes can see.
"Exuberant Purple Passion"
transforms circles to diamonds
and diamonds to stars....
and stars into stardust...
and dreams into form....
like weaving straw into gold.
"Exuberant Purple Passion...
just one of many glorious flowers
in the garden of my soul's
blooming creativity!


fareisya said...

Hey there.. Just dropping by to say that i love your blog!
It radiates art and in a way i feel peaceful reading and looking at your pictures...
Will it be ok if i added your page to my blog?
Thanks cheryl..

From your sister from the other side of the world..


Cindy said...

What a beautiful circle! I love the colors and design.
I do cicrles too but not specificly mandalas. I started a circle project when I needed to do a group project with 150 fifth graders. We did it again this year. I've also done it with other groups. Everybody loves their circle, it's wonderful!
Here is my circle blog if you would like to see our results.
May I link your blog to mine?
Thank you,

Doe Grozs Art said...

oh yes.. these colors are speaking to me lately.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i love these colors too. in fact, im redecorating my bed and bath in these colors. w00t!

yertle said...

I love, love, love this mandala Purple and green are my favorites!! This just made me feel so much better. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Love the passionate colors...if I put my head sideways a bit...I see butterfly wings...ready to take flight...


Elizabeth Golden said...

I love this one!